Happy Birthday Bob

Of course, by the time this is read it will be the day after Bob’s birthday.
Such is the way of the time zones.
And because it is Bob’s birthday – it is also my birthday. Happy birthday to me.

Bob (left) and Carl (right)

And it has been a relatively good day.
Certainly beats the pants off of yesterday.

  • The latest furnace guy says he can give us a quick fix for just $200. That should buy us enough time to figure how a new furnace will fit into our larger remodel plans. Time is good, and he seemed to really know his stuff. Not so pressuring either.
  • The car has a new shoe, and I will be getting a wheel lock key. Apparently I should have had one all along, and it is just a really good thing that I have not had tire problems away from the dealer.
  • Breakfast at the french bakery. Ummmm. Almond croissant and apple turnover (shared) with Carl. Took in a half dozen croissants to share. There were lots of, “Where is this place,” kind of comments. (You can not believe how I had croissants spelled before I checked – jeeez.)
  • Lunch out as well – Chicken Frutteto Salad: Grilled chicken, mixed greens, fresh apple, bacon, glazed walnuts, gorgonzola with reduced fat honey mustard dressing. Shared a Four Seasons pizza: Prosciutto, salami, artichokes, mushrooms, fresh & roasted tomatoes.
  • And fresh baked cookies from one of my fellow October birthdays at work. There are five of us within 7 days or less.
  • We are having dinner in. Mimosa’s, sausage, fruit and whatever else shows up.

And tomorrow – we might just go walk on the viaduct before it gets torn down. It is supposed to rain, but this is a chance that will not come again.

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Bob”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Happy Birthday! It sounds like a great day regarding the furnace, the food and the car. Score!! I still want to know where that French bakery is…

    • jay Says:

      The bakery is on Eastlake Avenue, just south of the University Bridge. Way north of REI and near where the original Red Robin was (if that was ever a place you knew).

  2. kayak woman Says:

    All right, what is a wheel lock key?

    (And late HB, gave up wishing them on my blahg (mostly) years ago. Too many…)

    • jay Says:

      Apparently something that fits over or around a lug nut to allow it to be turned. Without it the wheel stays on. A gear head at work suggested you could drill through them to get them off, so maybe they cover the lugnuts. When I get one I will post a picture.

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