Oh how I wish that title meant I had worked on our capes tonight.

But no, it was what my mood degenerated to through the day.
I don’t remember exactly when I realized I was, “in a mood.” I think sometime before lunch.
It started by getting a late start from home, with an 8 AM meeting looming.
But we made it on time, so that was OK.

I think it was the, “way too much to get done, bouncing around without finishing anything, and others that I just don’t understand.”

In other words, nothing major, nothing specific, just a bit of everything.

Maybe I’ll try to go to bed now, get up early, and start FRESH tomorrow. (Instead of trying to get just a bit more done tonight.)

One Response to “Snippy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I get snarly for no reason too, or many reasons. Mostly just feeling overwhelmed. Keep your chin up!!

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