Another game, or two

We just left the mariner’s game. They were losing 12-2. They are now losing 13-6, but we left to get home a little earlier. (We went Saturday and yesterday, and are going tomorrow and Thursday.)

We also watched the 2nd half of the Sounders game, on my phone, during a few dismal innings.
It was streaming video – not bad.

The Sounders beat FC Dallas 1-0. This particular game was not a regular season MLS game, but a semi-final game of the US Open Cup. They will play the final on October 4th, in Seattle! The Sounders have won the US Open Cup for the last 2 years.

The winner gets an automatic berth into the CONCACAF tournament (a tournament for all the Americas). So they are also playing that tournament’s games as well. Just recently they won their first game ever in Mexico, against what the players termed, “the best team they have played all year.”

I will admit that I probably paid more attention to the Sounders game than the Mariners. But I did continue to score the baseball game. Until we left, that is. The people sitting next to us were from Columbia, and they were interested in how Freddy Montero (also from Columbia) was doing. In fact, Montero scored the Sounder’s goal.

Celebrating Montero's Goal

Note to Ashlan. If you look at the picture in the previous post, you will see Arms in the background. I just noticed that today when the picture got moved around so I was just looking at that particular part of the picture.

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