Soccer, Shakespeare & Sunday finest

The Seattle Sounders game was on yesterday afternoon.
Rey does not have a television set, and it was not on ESPN3, so we set off to find a watering hole with TVs.
After a brief stop at the library, the move was on to Soccer Taco.

Soccer Taco is a mexican restaurant catering to sports – with a heavy emphasis on soccer.
Most of the TVs were tuned to the Copa American – quarter finals.
We managed to get them to tune some to the Fox Soccer Channel.
The Sounders were playing the Colorado Rapids.

The Rapids scored early, but were tied by the Sounders. Each scored again to make it 2-2. Finally the Sounders pulled ahead 4-2. The Rapids made it interesting near the end by pulling within 1, but it ended 4-3. Yeah. Our cheering certainly caught the eye of a few of the other patrons, and theirs did us.

We took a short walk down to see the Tennessee River. If you are trying to cross the river, you will want to choose your bridges carefully.

Then it was back to the square in old Knoxville. This was where the Shakespeare on the Square was being performed. A Comedy of Errors was the play for the evening. Well done, but with a few microphone issues that meant occasional lines were missed. For those that don’t know, the play involves two sets of identical twins. For further hilarity, the cast included a set of identical twins, although not in the roles where their identicalness would have been useful. It did, however, provide the opportunity for several double takes amoung the cast members throughout the play.

This morning we rose and breakfasted at home. And eventually made our way to Morristown and the Witt Baptist Church. This was, I believe, the first regular church service that Carl has ever attended. He survived, and everybody there was very cordial and had nice things to say about Rey. Here we are in our Sunday finest. (Not bad for vacation wear.)

Tennessee Sunday Best

3 Responses to “Soccer, Shakespeare & Sunday finest”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t see any Sunday best(no photo?) but I bet you looked smashing!! 🙂

    • raincharm Says:

      It may be there now. I did pictures in a weird order, and I could see them, but my son could not (and apparently not you either). Hopefully I have corrected the problem.

  2. jane Says:

    fyi — when you arrive on Thursday it will be HOT. close to 100 + humidity. also be aware that it is Art Fair so don’t try to drive thru downtown, come in on Washtenaw near Arborland.

    and I assume someone has a key to the house with them?

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