Phun with Phillies Phans

OK – I am sure the use of PH is old in Philadelphia, but they don’t get to Seattle very often.
We went to our 3rd Phillies game in as many days – and the Mariners took the series, 1st and 3rd games. All with our new 2nd baseman, Dustin Ackley. He has a single, a homer and a triple. And some very nice plays in the field. Exciting.

This morning we walked to the game, ~6-1/2 miles.
Weather – not raining, but there was only a hint of a shadow in the middle afternoon. I am not sure that this qualified as the promised sun-break. (62 degrees at first pitch. Don’t know whether it went up a degree or two, but having 45,000 other phans in attendance helped.)

Favorite sign on the walk down to the stadium.
This is one of those saw-horse type arrangements they use for temporary no-parking.

No Parking.

Maybe they could invest in a real street sign.

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