Our Sunny Day

We went to the Mariner’s game last night.
Fun – AND WE WON – and the temperature was more reasonable, and it didn’t rain – at all. (Although we did have to watch the Canuck’s score get worse and worse)

And this morning it is sunny.
Caught the eagle on a light post over the freeway instead of the sculpture.
It was actually hard to see him/her because of the sun shining in from behind.

I kind of just want to be out taking a walk.
I could get past this if the weekend were predicted to be sunny too, but this seems to be a 1 to 1-1/2 day spell. And we are still 2 days away from the weekend.
There is a small part of my brain that says, “Take the day off, and work a weekend day.” I could probably swing this, but one of the cross Lake Washington bridges is going to be closed the entire weekend, so another part of my brain says, “Stay in Seattle. Don’t travel – even much in Seattle.”

The ripple effect of taking a major corridor out of service can be mind boggling. I think that being the DOT scheduler for these major closures must be really interesting. You have to consider what you need to get done, whether it is better to close and go for broke, or try to work around traffic, evening only, full day, full weekend, and what else is going on around that you will completely impact.

Last weekend was UW graduation. Since the bridge in question dumps directly onto the UW graduation site, I think last weekend would have been nixed. This weekend there is the Solstice Parade and Fremont Fair, and probably several other “neighborhood” events, and the Mariners, and ….. It’s a big city, there is always something.

And – Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad, and 2 days late to Mom & Dad-in-law. You all set a high standard for us to follow.

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