If this is Saturday it must be Colorado

3 days, 2 countries, 1 province, 2 states.
I have had a bit of trouble remembering what day of the week it is, and who will be where when, and who has tickets to what game and is going with whom.

We had a car ride, plane flight, baseball game, and now spending a “quiet” night.

Car ride was from Ashlan – to the airport.
She is staying home, sort of – with her own spreadsheet version of what is happening when.

Plane trip – about 2-1/2 hours to Colorado.
Just enough time to watch a soccer game.
As it turns out the UEFA Championship game was on TV, starting when we took off, and ending when we landed. A very pleasant way to spend a flight. It was also a total surprise that we would get to watch a game, and a great game. Manchester United vs. Barcelona. Very nice foot-work, if you like that in a soccer game.
We also got our first trip through the new scanning machine. No problems at all, and no searching or patting down. There were several folks being patted down, but I am not sure they went through the scanner. They were apparently very thorough pat downs. We decided that the pat downs were OK, but it would be better if they were screened from those of us sitting around putting our shoes (and casts) back on.

Baseball game – Rockies vs. Cardinals.
Rockies prevail 15-4. After the 1st inning it was 6-0.
Let’s just say that there were very few tense moments in the game, and one particularly interesting play. Man on 3rd, infield “hit”. Really a Fielder’s choice, as the play was to pick off the runner who broke from 3rd, and let the batter get to first. Except that in the rundown between 3rd and home, the pitcher managed to run into the runner (or visa-versa) when he did not possess the ball. So it is interference with the runner, and the runner scores. [And the other runner ended up on second.]

that was way too much information, but it has been a busy day and I am tired, and do not want to edit.

We will be getting to visit with inlaws and b&s-in-laws tomorrow. And here at the energy sapping high elevations, we need our sleep.

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