Falling, slowly

I have recently noticed a trend where I hit the ground when I was not intending to do so.

When I play soccer I will occasionally hit the dirt. Or more recently, turf.
This is not usually expected, but it is also not unexpected, and most likely involves somebody else helping to propel me downward. Most of these instances are followed by a whistle blast, and somebody is penalized (only very occasionally am I that somebody).

But within the last week there were 2-1/2 instances where I met the ground.
Nobody was helping me down. (Or up for that matter.)

The first instance can be blamed on a newly manicured and edged lawn.
As I was looking back to admire and comment on said lawn to Ashlan, who was walking next to me, I tripped over a curb. The curb was really just a sidewalk joint. But this sidewalk joint has a vertical grade change that could easily be mistaken for a curb. My palms took the brunt of the fall, with scrapes and general pain. The pain has dulled, and the scrapes have healed, well almost healed.

Just as I was starting to forget this occurrence, my inability to stay vertical was brought back in a jolt. I was at a soccer game, but the game had not started. I thought, “I’ll warm up, and reduce the potential of injury from a pulled muscle.” So I started to job on an adjacent patch of grass. Only after a few steps I was falling.

I thought my knees had buckled. Indeed my knees took this fall, as my hands never made it out in front. I did have running pants on, and I looked and felt like I was five again. Grass stains on my pants, and scrapes underneath.

This one was a bit off-putting as I did not really know why my knees had buckled. Ashlan suggested I try running again, on the turf. I did, and once again I almost fell. But it was really my ankle that was buckling – not my knee.

I will admit I did not play the game, or really try to run again that afternoon. I have walked – with no problems, and eventually I will run again. But for now I am just wondering if this is part of the arthritis or just getting older. I am not ready to be slowed (more than I am already – see getting older).

But I do not have the time to deal with this right now – so onward at a somewhat slower pace.

3 Responses to “Falling, slowly”

  1. jane Says:

    please be advised that I snorted when I read about looking back to admire the grass and then tripping.

    yes – I am the person who will laugh hysterically when someone trips or whatever. I am also the person who will help you up. while still laughing.

    • jay Says:

      It must be a family thing. I can’t help myself when somebody slips on the ice. [And Wipeout is a guilty pleasure.}

  2. gene Says:

    Maybe you got it from me. Mom

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