Dwindling Days of Winter

Still a hint of chill in the air.
Well more than a hint.
But we did not receive any of the lowland snow, and it has been sunny here and there today.
I just took out the compost, still to cold to really be comfortable without proper outer clothing.

I keep thinking that the next week will be the week it warms up.
But that week just keeps getting pushed out further.
Now I have lowered my goals to not having a deluge on Saturday when we move Ashlan south.

That said, I will take our cold rain over the storms that have plagued the rest of the country.
I noted that the swarm of tornadoes in the southeast did hit Tennessee, but since we have not heard from the boy, I am assuming they were further south than he.

The days all seem to be getting ready for what is happening next. And starting Saturday it seems that a lot will be happening. Hopefully some of it will invite a more interesting post.

I would ask Ashlan to do an end of college guest post, but I think she is too busy living that experience.

And hopefully, PACKING! (Just in case she checks in.)

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