Coffee, Soccer, Dinner & a Show

That is my day in a nutshell of very few words.

In more words – this morning I got up and made coffee.
Did a little homework, and then a little work-work as well.
About the time it was time to go to soccer, but first a phone call – —
So, I got to soccer just as the whistle blew.

Now I have not played soccer for a few months, and am not in peak shape.
But there were a few plays of note – one particularly nice tackle. I got the ball, but did end up on the ground (physics).
No substitutes, so tomorrow should be interesting from the tired leg point of view.

Run home, pit bath (TMI), fresh clothes – just finished getting dressed when my ride arrived.
Down to McMenamins for dinner with a few friends. Steak sandwich and a beer (yes me).
Then out to the Seattle Mens Chorus show, Falling in Love Again.

This was a slightly different concert than the Men’s Chorus usually put together. Two acts – the first a cabaret scene. The second, For a Look or a Touch. This is in reference to the persecution of gay men in Germany in the 30’s and through the war. It was a powerful story of two gay men – and the memory of one that went to the camps and died, and the other that survived, (and still survives) keeping the poems written by his lover before he was arrested. I learned some historical information that I never knew previously. Paragraph 175 in particular. (Of course nobody would accuse me of being a scholar of history – but still, I just really had no idea.) The production was very well staged, and the leads of both the Cabaret and Holocaust acts were superb.

What did I miss between soccer and dinner and a show?
The semi-finals of the NCAA Basketball, the Seattle Sounders soccer game, and the Seattle Mariners game.
I will now have to find out what happened while I was out and about.

OK – one thing I found out was in my March Madness Bracket I had the final four matchups wrong. And I really did try to follow one from a real March Madness web-site. Oh well – the final two are Butler and U Connecticut. (Go Butler)
Ashlan has both teams, so our winner has been determined.

The Mariners are 2-0 and in First Place. (I need to write that while I can)

The Sounders tied again – this time 2-2.

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