It’s Her Birthday

Mom that is.
M is for the Million things she gave to me …
But she would not appreciate that song, so I will stop there.

I knew my schedule would make it difficult to connect today, so I connected over the weekend. And as it turns out I am at work – no pictures to post.

But here is to Bubs, otherwise known as, IGFR. My best mother ever.
(Note – my brother-in-law was not quite right with the real name. Just saying)

Which brings up a point about my family and names.
Many people have strong feelings about their names – and what they prefer to be called. There are names you are given. And sometimes names just kind of happen, and stick. In my life experience (as opposed to family experience), the variations of Sue seem to be most set on which one they should be called, or not called. Sue, Susan, Suzie, Suzanne.

Within my family experience names seem to ebb and flow. Some flow “naturally” from one name to the next. Others don’t seem to have much rhyme, although I am sure there is always a reason. Hum a little Gilbert & Sullivan tune …

Anne, Bananne, Emily, Pooh,  Edward, Grinch, Mike, Duke,
Elizabeth, Betty, Lizard, Liz, Joyce, Jay, Jerce, Jerk,
James, Jimbo, John, Jack, Donald, Mac, Inez, Gene and Bubs.
I thought of making a matching game, but anyone who reads this probably knows all the answers anyway.

I still like the Bubs story the best – and that it stuck from day one, all the way through the years.
When I was taking a walk around the Brimley area, Bubs suggested that I could stop in on an old school chum that lived along my route. She said I should drop her name if I needed to stop and use the loo. This was all well and good until I started thinking, “Which name of hers should I be dropping.”

4 Responses to “It’s Her Birthday”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Not sure if this is a totally true story but it’s one that Radical Betty told me, about how Bubs got that name. Inez came from a friend of Grandma’s. Inez’s last name is even familiar to me although I’m blanking on it at the moment. Anyway, Bub’s eldest brother wasn’t crazy about that woman and when he first saw the baby Inez, he said something like, “Her name isn’t Inez. Her name is Bubs!”

  2. Frooggy Says:

    Grok grok! I gotta much better vershun o’ that stoopid ol’ song! Grokgrok!

  3. jay Says:

    A short addition – the way I have heard it was that the brother heard it from a neighbor kid – and he didn’t like it that he didn’t know first.

  4. kayak woman Says:

    Yeah, that’s right. I couldn’t remember if it was a kid or maybe the older Inez herself.

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