It’s time to leave

My carpooler just called to say he was, “On the road.”
I am driving today, but since he moved further away, he now drives to the park and ride next to his old apartment, and his still current coffee shop. I pick him up at the coffee shop.

So I have a minute or two.

Yesterday was a whirlwind at work – mostly getting ready for an evening meeting about extending sewers through a neighborhood. In this case I think it is a good project, but as is always the case – not everybody along the route agrees, and that is a normal situation. The meeting was fairly good. The participants were generally respectful, and not too agressive (term used by one participant after the meeting to describe another).

Actually – they were merely assertive. I have led meetings where a truly agressive person was asked to, “Sit down and be quiet”, by other members of the audience.

And – in the hour before the meeting, the plotter stopped working. So one of my show and tell boards was an 11 x 17 sheet, instead of a 24 x 36 sheet. It was a moment of humor when I put it up.

SHOWTIME! That is how I approach these meetings. And afterwards I feel like I have been in a show. So this morning is rambling – and now I must be off.

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