many things – done

And many things not done. But I can actually check off my list

  • Taxes (all three filed)
  • An early birthday present
  • One floor of the house drawn to scale – pretty much anyway.
  • A few lasagnas fixed (I really shouldn’t have this on MY list, but I did stir some)

And we have extra people in the house for the third weekend in a row.
No complaints. They are all regular visitors – or with other family members in charge, and don’t need much from us as hosts.

And – we went out last night.
I suppose that could have been on the list of things done, but that would make it sound like a chore.
We went out to see the Seattle Womens Chorus with Kathy Najimy.
It was a fun show.

We took the bus down and back. It saved on the parking issues and cost, but we did have to wait in the cold for about 10 minutes for the first bus. IT WAS COLD, at least for Seattle. In the 20’s, and maybe lower. Walking in it was fine, it was the standing around that took its toll. The bus was surprisingly warm, and people watching is always fun. On the trip back it was more like people listening. A nearby young man was calling friends, planning what he was going to be drinking. I heard run, red bull, cola, and a gator-bong. (would that be with Gatorade?) I actually felt a bit out of touch. And this was starting at 10:30 PM. I was looking forward to being home, and snuggly warm in my bed. I guess I am getting a little old. (But in my mind’s eye I am still in my twenties, or maybe thirties.)

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