Two days of rain, followed by sun?

That’s the question – the answer in Seattle is, “Monday.”
The weather forecasters had predicted yet another wet and rainy Seattle weekend.
But when my eyes opened this morning they detected a certain brightness. Maybe even sun.
So I raced downstairs and declared we needed to walk. (Carl got up with the first brightness in the room.)
After taking a bit to coffee, clean a bit, make a bed, and determine that it was still dry, we headed out.

I wanted to go to the University Farmer’s Market to get some root vegetables to try roasting. The market is a year-round Saturday happening, located about 1/2 mile southeast from our house. So we headed east, and 4 miles later made it to the market.

Along our route we went through the Cowin-Ravenna park ravine, and up a trail that comes to the main trail. Carl said he had been up it once previously with on of the kids, just exploring. It turned out to be quite steep at the end, but the payoff was a pedestrian bridge that crossed a side-ravine tying too neighborhoods together. After determining that to play pooh-sticks from this bridge would also entail considering the wind direction and speed – and then just hoping your stick would hit the creek. Mine was in the watercourse, but hung up on a branch in the stream. Carl hit more in the center and declared himself the winner, although I am not sure his stick really traversed under the bridge.

We then struck out through some other neighborhoods, intending to make the University Village our turn back point. However, the rain drops started to appear so we decided to slingshot around a cemetery instead, and start the trek back west. Saw many shoots poking through the ground. Crocus with hints of color, and daffodil leaves, maybe some tulip leaves too. Instead of heading back to the ravine, or the adjacent winding road (Ravenna), we went up the NE 52nd stairs. 233 stairs by Carl’s count. And we discovered that there were actually a few more stairs to the east that we had cut off by our decision on which low road to find the stairs from.

Then to the U District Starbucks and market. We got both a batch of potatoes (small mixture of reds, whites and blues) and a 5-lb bag of root vegetables (including a few more potatoes).

Sounds like part of a dinner tonight. Hopefully one we get to share with the girl. She is riding down with a friend, so the timing is less sure than a train or bus. And the rain has still not hit in earnest, although there are dark clouds on the horizon.

One Response to “Two days of rain, followed by sun?”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Just watch out for those beauteous colored veggies if you are making anything with a sauce 😉

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