walk of the weekend

A few days ago I noted that Carl got to go the beach for work. He went on a ferry boat ride the other day. No, their cheeks are not full of gummy bears, they are full of Jet’s hot air of an idea. [Jet does not like having his picture taken, but Carl has told him it is OK to make a face, as long as he looks up.]

On the boat to Bainbridge Island

This weekend is forecast to be overcast and wet. I looked at the hourly predictions and it was 60% chance of precipitation the entire day. So even though I slept in and missed 3 hours of non-rainy window, we decided to set out.

We had the post office destination in mind, carrying a package. So we also carried an umbrella – just in case it started dumping. Instead we were greeted with a mist. Not terribly unpleasant.

After the post office it started misting harder, but we still did not break out the umbrella. [I tend to not like using umbrellas too much, but we do have one or two around, just not used very frequently.] We passed by the zoo, on the fenced in side, and went through an infrequently used part of Green Lake (at least in the winter). Finally reached the lake path and continued around until we hit a commercial area.

Decided to have lunch out, and split a cinnamon roll (hot out of the oven), corned beef hash and apple-something sausages. And coffee. A rather mixed bag of food, but really good, and hot. We will have the vegetables for dinner to balance out the daily diet.

Finally on the homeward path. It may have been warmer but it felt colder to me. The damp clothes were probably a contributing factor.

Now it is time to get some house work done. Carl has done grocery shopping, some laundry and the dishes. I guess it is my turn.

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