Full Moon

The tortured artist, and his exhibition

Sorry Dan – I know this is your big day, but I don’t think you have been tortured enough. I believe this effort was inspired by the Picasso exhibit, which closed today.

You know how people say things happen in 3s?
I think today’s tonight’s full moon has put this number through some astronomical mathematical sequence – because today has been very, very strange.

First, a good friend’s father passed away. Tough times, and we wish their family peace, strength and tranquility.
Next, a co-worker is having some issues due to an accident – would like to have him back, perhaps tomorrow. And another is having a chronic issue flare up. [I appreciate my health more and more.]
And then we had a visitor at work. Known by many, and allowed to come in and visit. Rethinking that decision, as it appeared he had injested a little something extra and was not always making appropriate comments or taking appropriate actions. Finally managed to escort him away (not me). This incident showed our vulnerabilities and our support of each other at work as the effort to take control coalesced. So now time to re-examine our procedures. Many opportunities to figure better ways to react.

And finally – in the midst of visitor time the home water heater decided it had worked hard for 20+years, and was done. It started spitting its contents onto the basement floor. Several calls and mini-conferences later – we are getting a new water heater – tomorrow. A tad bit overpriced, but at this point I was to the, “You can do it tomorrow, with a direct vent, match our round hole with your square peg, and get rid of the 20+ year creature?” Fine – just do it.

There are certainly those that counsel us that replacing a water heater is not that hard, but I just don’t need that level of figuring it out added to the plate right now. Especially since it would be at least the weekend before it would be attacked, borrowing trucks, finding the correct dump (or recycle) area, and then worrying about working with natural gas lines. And I could have gone for at least one more quote, but  –  I just didn’t want to. Head was spinning already.

2 Responses to “Full Moon”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Yeah, much easier to just have the darn water heater replaced. Life is too short for some chores.

    Off topic, sort of, but it reminds me of back in the Dark Ages when birds often got down our chimney and we used to find bird bones in the water heater. (Put a cage or whatever it is on the chimney many years ago.)

  2. kayak woman Says:

    oh, and not sure what the “art” is but pretty funny 😉

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