Good MORNING Sammamish

I did not turn up the volume on our alarm clock last night (TV), and did not wake up until 7 AM this morning. Of course, that was the time I was supposed to be picking up my carpooler at the coffee stand. I did get out of the house in under 15 minutes, and found him chatting with the barista.

We did make it to work with about 4 minutes to spare before the all staff meeting. I hate walking into those late, especially since it is the first meeting with just the new boss in charge.

Finally about 10 AM the coffee from work was starting to do its thing, and I no longer feel like I am completely in the fog. (That is misty type fog, not FOG.)

One Response to “Good MORNING Sammamish”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    I am amazed that I do not seem to need an alarm clock to wake up. I am always awake before it’s time to get up. Unfortunately, I occasionally drift into a bit of REM sleep *after* the alarm goes off. And then get angry with myself for getting up 20 minutes late or whatever.

    Since I’m not carpooling with anyone and nobody particularly cares what time I get to work, it doesn’t really matter.

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