A few days off

Off of the blog that is.

The days have been split into Work – More or Less

  • Thursday November 11th – Veterans Day
    But at work we had a Retreat with our Board
    Presented one of my large, but not big-big projects.
    It went fairly well. I got my flow charts to look reasonably good, but not animated.
  • Friday November 12th
    Regular work, and should have accomplished more than I did.
    I was in the, “recovery from presentation low period”
    Left work within an hour of my actual work hours
  • Saturday November 13th
    Intended to work.
    Did not give myself “permission” to not work, but did not work.
    This meant that I had a guilty feeling as I read the last week of newspapers, took care of filing (home), and watched a little TV (Harry Potter)
    Also had a soccer game, in the rain.
    Went out after the game to socialize.
  • Sunday November 14th
    Read the Sunday paper (same day as it arrived, a recent record)
    Finally got to some of that work – reviewing the Big Big Project in its current format
    We are presenting to the Board tomorrow, so I really should give it a look.
    Found some little things and maybe some bigger things in the final financial chapter.
    Not my strong suit, so will need to chat with the financial folks tomorrow.

Carl was gone for the weekend to celebrate a 50th of a friend in Eugene.
I would post a picture or two, but he did not take any.
But he is back safely and soundly, so now I must spend some time with him.

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