Smarter Traffic

Today my drive to work started slowly.
Weather – scrape, it’s cold outside. And I could not find my scraper in the car. I did not attempt an all out search as the ice was thin and my squeegee did the job.

To the freeway, only to find a backup on the entrance ramp. This slowness continued onto the Ship Canal bridge (in the brilliant morning sunlight), and then onto SR 520 (also a freeway – that is until they start tolling next spring).

On SR 520 one of the new signs they have been erecting was lit up, “Smart Traffic starting Tuesday”
I read this while I moved through the slow-down, in the brilliant sunshine. The Smart Traffic piece is a series of signs along the freeways that provide information on what is happening up ahead. It is supposed to allow you to make informed decisions about choosing exits, alternative routes, and what speed you might choose to drive (if you know it slows down just around the corner).

The slow down was not caused by the newly informative sign.
It was is caused by an Eagle located further out along 520, sitting on a sculpture adjacent to the bridge.

I am curious about what are the smart signs going to say about wildlife on and along the freeway?

“Slow down – eagle on the left”
“Caution, the Mountain is out ahead”
“Beware, deer backup at the gate”

3 Responses to “Smarter Traffic”

  1. Sam Says:

    Quaint idea—scraper. We have to go north to stock them in our vehicles. Of course, we also have seen road graders clearing snow off the interstate here in Atlanta!

  2. kayak woman Says:

    You have had to SCRAPE?!? I have not had to SCRAPE yet. That is unusual, as you well know.

    I do have one in at least one of my vee-hickles. I can’t remember which. There are a bunch in a container in the closet just inside the door.

  3. Margaret Says:

    I would slow down to look at wildlife too! Hate to miss it. It’s been COLD lately.

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