Happy night

I sent off two e-mails this evening.
One had my final chapter to complete and additions to a section in a separate chapter.

The second had updates to information about each of our wells.
Unfortunately my access to pump and motor information was limited, so I could not call these absolutely complete, but they were as complete as I could get them.

And so my BIG PROJECT is off to press, with a few known corrections to be made.
And while it feels “done” for the moment, I have to put together a powerpoint presentation for next Monday, so it will barely be a quiet day or two.

So, tomorrow I get to work on a slightly smaller (shorter) project with a new program.
It involves flow charts, so it could be fun. But the software we are using to create the flow charts is new (yes I can do them in Word, Powerpoint), so it could have some frustrating moments.  Then there is the whole budget thing …. and the annexation public hearing to get the word out on …

Well that’s whats on my mind.
But I am really happy because :

I sent two e-mails out today and shifted a big burden to a new phase.

And I got to video chat with my girl for about an hour.

8 Responses to “Happy night”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    What software are you using? I have MS Visio on my work machines and it does a decent job.

    • Jay Says:

      Visio was our older, 1 copy version.
      We put it on a laptop so anyone could use it.

      Now we have SmartDraw. We have five licenses as about $200 a pop.
      It is easy, basically, but somewhat limited in other senses. And at $200 a license we will probably add a few more. It’s drawback is we can’t load it on the server, it has to be on YOUR computer to use it.

  2. jane Says:

    but did you also watch the U-M game? no – probably not. sigh.

    • Jay Says:

      But of course.
      I was working from home – and Carl turned on the tube.
      He went to UIllinois (if you didn’t know), so of course it stayed there for much of the game.
      I think the scoring in OT should be done differently though. Maybe just add 1 point for whomever prevails. Or call it a tie with a winner.

      It looked like an absolutely gorgeous day in A2.
      We had light rain, followed by a pounding rain.

  3. regenaxe Says:

    Give yourself a big pat on the back for getting that puppy out the door!! (A St. Bernard puppy by the sound of it.)

    Jane, I didn’t see the game either, although it might have been on here, since it was Illinois. Saw the highlights on the news, though. Triple Overtime and 67-65 score! Were both teams running the JV team on defense?

  4. kayak woman Says:

    Everybody on my team (design team) gets their own copy of visio. Others not so much. We’re the ones who make the “pretty” pictures 😉

    Probably was beautiful on the Planet A-squared but we were in the north, where it was also beautiful but pretty cold!

  5. Margaret Says:

    I should videochat with my NYC girl. It’s just hard to arrange it between our schedules.

  6. kayak woman Says:

    I should videochat with my Planet Ann Arbor girl, since I rarely see her! 🙂

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