Project Avoidance

So – I blogged this morning about yesterday.
Closing on how it was time to get back to work.

Well it is just past noon and I have

  • moved a few folders around,
  • logged on to the work site
  • balanced the checkbook
  • filed bills and bank statements (no, I do not bank or pay on-line)
  • played around with coffee-makers

I feel we only hoard mildly.
You can generally find paths through the house without too much trouble.
[I will confess that one of my early clean-ups this morning was to remove a table we had set up in the kitchen to help out with T-Day space requirements. In the intervening weeks it had gathered a coffee maker box, fan, easel, paints, paper and a bag of brown rice. And it’s location made it almost impossible to get into the storage shelves (brown rice on the table). It also made it difficult to reach the microwave and toaster oven.]

Since we got the Mr. Coffee out for T-Day timing we have taken to using it on the weekends. We usually use our one-cup makers for the cup or so in the early morning during the week.

I am sure they still make Mr. Coffee machines, but mine has travelled from the late 70’s in Michigan, through the decades and Colorado, to land here in our home.

Mr. Coffee, circa 1978. Looking strangely at home in our kitchen in 2010

Note that the machine is plugged in, and yet, no lights on the front are lit.
That’s what we noted. I figured the machine had finally given its last gasp.

Jokin' Joe has gone away

I thought I had seen a different coffee maker earlier in the morning. Carl pulled a white machine out of a lower cupboard. Funny, I thought it had been green.

We plugged the much newer white machine into the outlet. No lights, bells or whistles.
Hmmm. But then, why were we always going to the Mr. Coffee. Because the newer machines tended to fail. And then we failed to fix or dispose. Our hoarding generally starts with good intentions to try and fix something. (Not that we are especially handy with small electrical appliances.)

Determined to not continue this trend I went to retrieve the Mr. Coffee box from its high storage location. And what else did I find? The green newer coffee maker. Well, let’s see if we can chuck that one too. Sure enough, plug it in and no lights or sounds. Three for three. Christmas ideas?

Hoarded Coffee Makers

Since we still had coffee in the pot, just no longer warm, I poured myself a cup and headed for the microwave (which I had made accessible earlier). What – no lights sounds or spinning trays??? [The microwave is circa 1985, and doesn’t have anything that lights up.]

WAIT A MINUTE. No kitchen outlets appear to have power. GFI switch – reset. And voila.

All makers have lights. So we still have three that may function.
I don’t feel like trying to drink three pots of coffee today, so determining the workability of these pots will have to take at least a few more days. I am suspicious that the Mr. Coffee may be the source of the GFI tripping. So it may yet be ready to move on.

And, it provided a true project avoidance of grand nature.

Is it time for lunch yet?

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