Sunday Breakfast

I love weekend breakfasts. Enjoying a cup of coffee at a neighborhood cafe, with more carbohydrates than I should have, and of course a slice of bacon.

We went out for breakfast this morning, and even Ashlan joined us.
Of course the breakfast was at 2 PM. Luckily they were still serving.

The morning started a little later than the last many days, but only by accident.
I had a training walking scheduled (12+ miles), but starting at 8 AM instead of 7 AM.
Carl also had a morning engagement, and we both woke up and off he went.
Then, luckily for me, he called to say that because of the rain he was not expecting many friends, would be home earlier than expected, and was I still walking?

Well, yes I was still walking, and could he tell me what time it was?
7:45 AM. …!!!!!!

15 minutes to get up, dressed, teeth brushed, out the door and over to the meeting place. Thankfully, I had a car to use, and only had myself to roust. I was a minute or two late, but ready to go. Of course, there was no coffee and a lack of a real breakfast.

This group sets a fast pace, but I was able to keep up. And on the stairs, 298 steps, I was actually going faster than most (purely personal preference). On the good side, you miss more raindrops when you move quickly, and it meant that the walk was finished at an earlier hour. And as we finished the walk, the sun came out.

And we went out to breakfast.

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