Happy Birthday Dad!


Harry, my Dad

Well – I did try to wish my father a Happy Birthday – which was yesterday.
But I failed.
Apparently, some time ago I wrote down a phone number incorrectly.
I spoke with a nice woman named Terry, but no Harry at that number.

I will continue to try, and just had a thought where I might have the first hand provision of said number that I jotted down incorrectly in the phone book.

So the rest of the weekend has been packed with a few activities.

Just came to the realization that the Seattle 3-day walk is only about 6 more weekends away.
Thank you.

Yesterday’s walk was 18 miles, maybe a little less.
It was the first really long walk I have done in several months.
I was still strong at the end of the walk. But at the end of the 15 minute car ride following I was really stiff.
And at the end of the Mariners game that followed the walk and the car ride I was really tired.

So this morning I got up and went walking again.
This time only 6-7 miles.
I picked up Carl at church (he left earlier) and we walked to a birthday party.
An 8 year old, with a party on 8/8. Seems appropriate.

Then Ashlan picked both of us up and off to the Mariner game. (They WON!)
Met a really nice man sitting next to us. Similar thoughts about baseball, and it was a pleasant way to pass the innings.
We also had a few sightings of the Blue Angels as they winged their way to and from the air show over Lake Washington. The hydro races were also in full swing, but I do not know who won, or if they are done yet.

We are back home for a few hours, and then off to the Seattle Sounders game (soccer).

Life on a busy Seattle weekend.
Well Carl did do some laundry, and dishes, and folded Ashlan’s laundry …

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