T-minus 16

16 miles that is.
The Prius is sitting at 999,984.
Tomorrow is a work day.
Work is 22-25 miles away (depending on the route).

Ashlan will get to witness the event, but Carl won’t (unless he decides to accompany us).

It has taken us slightly less than 6 years to achieve this number of miles driven.
But even with a new car in the driveway, the Prius is still the travelling car of choice.

I plan to get it detailed to celebrate.
The only other cleaning it has received, based on my recollection, is a series of car washes provided by Orchestra or Lacrosse kids looking for funding.

The car has a few bumps and bruises, but it still purrs.
We didn’t celebrate the Mazda’s 100,000, and after a mere 5,000 more it was gone (through no fault of its own, I might add).
Celebrate while you can.

The little brown Honda passed 100,000 on the way to work as well. I don’t remember the exact spot for 200,000, but I do remember the champagne celebration, and that the kids were a bit confused by it all.

2 Responses to “T-minus 16”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Er, 99,984, roight?

    • Me Says:

      Yeah – got a little into the 6 digit thing.
      And then – Ashlan took it out last night, Carl took it out this morning (shopping).
      I think it is sitting at 99,999 as we speak – but I haven’t been out to look yet. T-15 minutes or so.

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