Daycare Revisited

We spent last night at home, but the previous night we spent in Boise.
The highlight of Boise was getting to see 3/4 of the Harper-VanVeen clan.
We had seen the other 1/4 on the trip east. Two of the Carl’s kids for several years were Will & Van.
Will until he was through Kindergarten, and Van until he was ready for Kindergarten.
Then they moved to Boise – and it was just to long a commute to continue.
They have now grown to a high school grad and a high school senior.

As they are now.

Van, Will, Carl & Ashlan

 As they were then

Will (left), Ashlan (top), Van (right), Kelsey & Max in the middle

 A year or so earlier

Ashlan & Will running, Van taking a ride

 And earlier still

Will, Ashlan & Van

The trip from Boise to Seattle was fairly uneventful.
We followed parts of the Oregon Trail, and read about the “Boo” (Blue) Mountains and the Lone Tree, which became the Lone Tree Stump. Then there were the cattle being herded along a road adjacent to the highway by 2 horsemen and 2 dogs.

Some very interesting driving skills were exhibited by those around us.
Especially noteworthy were the few that could only drive in the left lane, regardless of speed.

But all went well and we returned home before 5 PM.
We proceeded to review mail, unpack some, watch some TV and basically do nothing at all.

This morning the unpacking has mostly been completed, a major food shopping done (by Carl), and Ashlan is off to play softball. It is good to be home, and the reality of other things that must be done has not set in yet.

One Response to “Daycare Revisited”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize how old they’d be now. Great pics, both old and new.

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