Night Walk

Just a quick post to keep my avid readers with me.
The All-Star game was a bit boring for my taste. It featured an opening inning great catch by Ichiro, and a later great catch for the National League (can’t recall the player’s name off hand). And there were a few other moments, but mostly I was working while watching.

Yesterday I took a night off from work.
Carl accompanied me on a 6-1/2 mile walk.
We walked from home to the Twin Ponds field where Ashlan’s summer soccer team, The Librarians of Time and Space (thank you Rey), were playing.

This field has been around since we have been in the area.
All of us in the family have played here at one time or another.
The first game Carl saw me play in after moving to Seattle was at this field.
It was called South Central by some at that time, but we are not sure why. It was in North Seattle.
Some extremely cold and rainy tournament games were played by Ashlan.
And it’s the field where Rey dislocated his shoulder by throwing the ball (he was the goalie). No other players were involved, just Rey and the ball.

But now the field is Field Turf!
All of those earlier games were played on a dirt, and occasionally wet dirt, field.
It was wet dirt/sand, not mud.
The ponds, on one side of the field, are still there waiting to grab the errant balls that are not retrieved quickly enough. But it is much improved.

Ashlan’s team lost the game, but they were playing with one less man and, in the end, one less woman than the other team. No problem for Ashlan, just good exercise.

2 Responses to “Night Walk”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    When my kids were little, the coaches (soccer or softball) would say we’ll have practices at Junior High Park. This confused us, as there were no big fields, just a playground, at the Junior High. There was a another block that I’d been told had been the site of the black junior high (!), but it was wooded. Turns out Junior High Park was where the former white junior high (again !) had been, who knows how long ago. Local history is hard for newcomers to pick up.

    Junior High Park has now been renamed to Ryan Hummert Memorial Park. This is to honor the fireman who was killed, responding to a fire that had been set by the owner, then sat outside his house, with a gun, shooting at the first responders. Jeesh! This happened while we were in Colorado with you guys.

  2. jane Says:

    oooh – playing short-handed – a red card situation! ok, probably not.

    I saw none of the all star game but did see a replay of Ichiro making a wicked one hop throw to home plate last night.

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