Getting Serious

It is well into July now, and I have signed up to do the Susan G. Komen 60-mile walk in September. So it is definitely time to get a little more serious and focused about training.

So yesterday I walked 9.5 miles with a group of women. Most of them walked 12, but I had another time commitment and had to leave before the end. This morning I got up again and walked 7.5 miles. I think I need to just put in two good length walks each weekend and one of two 3-5 mile walks during the week.

The other part of this venture is of course, raising money.
I am doing OK, but still have about $1000 to go.
So – if you are planning to donate, now would be an excellent time to do so – link to the right.

Weather today was perfect for walking. Maybe as high as 70 degrees, with the marine overcast in play. If you were not walking or doing some activity you might want to have a coat. The sun may break out yet today.

Hope you are having a good day – and a great weekend.

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