Summer officially started on June 21st.
In Seattle that month was called Junuary.
Our rainfall was way above normal, and temperatures low.
We kicked the soccer ball around last Saturday, July 3rd, and got quite warm. “My isn’t it time to cool off?” “Check it out, it’s 61 degrees out here!”

July 6th – started to really see the sun.
July 7th – reached 90 degrees.

4 days, 30 degrees difference.

Let’s call it summer.


Spain (Jay) vs. Netherlands (Ashlan)

I just watched the replay of the Spain v Germany semifinal.
What struck me most was the minimal number of fouls called.
This is what great soccer can be.


Game for 3rd and 4th on Saturday. Finals on Sunday – something like 11:30 Pacific
Plus on Sunday we have a Mariners v Yankees game – 1:10 Pacific
(we I will be late – I am not missing the World Cup Final, and they will overlap)
Then Seattle Sounders soccer – 7:30 Pacific

If only we did not have to work Monday morning.
But Summer is definitely here.

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