Lots and lots and lots of things

A concert, a birthday, breakfast, a ball, blue cheese, and more. 

Much has happened since the last blog. 

The concert. That would be Steve Earle with an opening act by Joe Eli.
The concert was in the zoo.
Carl made it on time.
Ashlan & I were coming from work, changing clothes & picking up food.
We were 6 or 7 songs late.
As we arrived Joe Eli was playing, “Looking for the Rainbow.”
[Regenstreif can be translated as rain-stripe or rainbow]
We thought it was appropriate.
Ashlan stayed for most of Steve Earle, but then left to play soccer.
Luckily the soccer game was almost next door to the zoo, so she was able to stay for most of the show and not miss the 2nd half of the soccer game. 

A Birthday. That would be Carl’s. (or Canada’s?)
It started with breakfast, as should each day.
Carl has given me breakfast in bed many times.
It was time for me (and Ashlan) to return the favor.
Fresh Raspberries out of the garden, coffee (Starbucks) and sweetrolls. 

There was also a chunk of blue cheese.
But then Ashlan noticed that it was one week beyond the sell-by date.
How do you tell if cheese is past its prime? Check for mold.
How do you do that with blue cheese?? 

Who ever knows what to get someone who likely has more than they really need to have stuff wise.
But this year we had an inspired idea – at least in our family, this year, this time of year.
The Ball. And here it is. 

The Jabulani


This is the official ball of the World Cup. The Jabulani.
It is a great ball.
I would never have thought I would be able to tell the difference in balls, but it really is nice. And it is really pretty. 

Speaking of Soccer – UPDATE on the Family Bracket for the World Cup:
Rey – No Teams Left
Carl – Uruguay Remains
Jay – Spain Remains
Ashlan – Germany & the Netherlands
It would seem that Ashlan still has the edge – and could have both teams in the Championship. But I am still hanging on to Spain, and Uruguay could come through in the end. 

That was July 1st. (soccer games excepted)
Then there was July 2nd. I’m not sure what happened on that day. I assume we went to work. I’ll bet I did a lot of work. Then I am sure we came home and spent the evening watching soccer. Ashlan probably had fun with her friends. I really don’t remember much from that day. 

July 3rd – Saturday.
Oh yeah. Ashlan definitely hung out with her friends the evening before.
I got up reasonably early – to watch the first game.
Ok, it was not early enough to watch the game live (7 AM), but reasonably early (8 AM).
I started making coffee.
When Carl came downstairs I realized we had company.
Actually, I knew we had company – Dennis (film archivist) was staying here for the long weekend.
But this was different company. One of Ashlan’s friends.
Luckily she is also a soccer fan.
After pausing for a milk run, coffee making and breakfast preparation, the entire house sat down to watch the Germany-Argentina game. 

The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent watching soccer, playing with the Jabulani, watching more soccer. 

Then it was off for a real birthday party (for Carl).
A barbeque with a few friends and a few more presents.
And films. 

Remember our friend Dennis. This is what he does when he is at our house, before he goes to wherever he is going to . 

Dennis creating a show

On this particular evening, the offerings were of sports through the ages. Baby races to kids workout films (1950s), all the way up to car races. Mostly from the 1930s to 1950s I believe. 

Dennis started the show with a clip just for me – a performance of Manhattan Serenade.
I took the sheet music for this song from my parents a few decades ago. I used to be able, and maybe still can, play it on the piano. But I had never heard it performed before last night.

One more offering from this gathering tomorrow – with pictures. 

Today – late start. Even later than the 3rd.
Spent trying to work my way through all of the things that have piled up from before we went to Tennessee.
Filing, sorting, putting things in order.
I actually feel much better for having spent the better part of the day putting things in order.
I would really like about a week to spread this order around. But I fear that will not be the case.

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