OK – through the first set of games for the 32 teams, our family’s results are

Carl       3 W – 3 L – 2 Ties   / 3 Goals for : 3 Goals against / 11 Points
Rey        1 W – 2 L – 5 Ties  /  4 Goals for : 9 Goals against /  8 Points
Jay        2 W – 4 L – 2 Ties  /  6 Goals for : 8 Goals against /  8 Points
Ashlan 4 W – 1 L – 3 Ties  / 12 Goals for: 5 Goals against / 15 Points

[To get points it is 3 points fora Win, 0 points for a Loss, and 1 point for a tie.]

This is our results from the first 16 games. All 32 teams have played one game.
There have actually been 4 games in the second set now as the teams play through their 4 team groups.

The results above are therefore, not necessarily predictors of which of us will prevail in the end.
Of each of the 8 groups of 4 teams, the top 2 teams of the 4 will advance. So you could have a strong team, but if they are against other strong teams they may not advance, whereas a weaker team in a weak group will. I have all four teams in Group B, so have at least 2 moving forward.

I have also managed to “watch” all of the games so far, although well past their air date for any during the work week. I have only known the outcome of a few ahead of time. It is darn hard to avoid knowing if you are not careful. I did compromise a bit today and allowed Carl to fast forward to the goals in the Argentina 4 – South Korea 1 game. I had heard the score on the way to work this morning. The person I carpooled with had a sports station on….

It’s only a month-long tournament. I am sure the household chores can wait.

Post thought: Don’t know that I mentioned it earlier, but our family drew for random teams – just to add a little something. The “drawing” was done using cards (e.g. Ace – Bracket A) and the alphabet (Spades – first alphabetically within the bracket, Hearts – second, Diamond third, Clubs – forth). Our teams:

Ashlan: Ghana, USA, Serbia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, England
Carl: Algeria, Honduras, Chile, Cameron, Switzerland, Japan, France, Uruguay
Jay: Italy, Mexico, S. Korea, Nigeria, N. Korea, Spain, Argentina, Greece
Rey: South Africa, Slovenia, Australia, Portugal, Denmark, Ivory Coast, Slovakia, Paraguay

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