Post Vacation

So the post vacation weekend has arrived.
I was not able to roust myself out of bed at 4:30 AM, so we are watching S. Korea vs Greece off of the DVR. This is a very handy piece of equipment for us. Thank goodness it was offered free with the cable. However, it means that I will be watching soccer probably non-stop until about 1:30. Such a trial.

While watching this soccer I will be trying to get a handle on all of those other things that get not done during a vacation.

  • Balance the checkbook
  • Do other financial balancing associated with
  • Answer letters (thanks to those that have sent them to me)
  • Read the few periodicals that arrived (well search them for articles to read later)
  • Finish the 23 Certificates of Availability that arrived while I was gone, of which I was only able to finish 4 so far at work.
  • Unpack (actually, I did that this morning, and Carl did the laundry yesterday)
  • Make an appointment for the Prius to get its 90,000 mile service (at 95,000 miles) as well as fixing the pesky floor mat recall. [When I got the recall notice a few weeks ago I decided to wait for the next regular service, to limit the amount of time we are a car down.]
  • Look for a new car.
  • Mow the lawn – backyard only. We have had so much rain that the grass just grows and grows. If I wait 2 weeks for the sun to shine again, it is really long. That will be squeezed in between games, or after the game. – The sun is shining today.

One Response to “Post Vacation”

  1. Mom Says:

    My mantra, when we had a lawn, was…..Don’t fertilize, it only makes the grass grow.

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