Dr. Goat

Dr. Goat, by GeorgianaDr. Goat
By Georgiana,
Copyright 1950 by Whitman Publishing Co.

Doctor Goat put on his coat.
And went out to make some calls.
He went to the house of a mouse with mumps;
He cured a frog who had the jumps.

He fixed a fox who suffered from measles.
He did the same for two small weasels.
Busy old Doctor Goat!
Then he warmed a worm whose tail was cold.
And felt the pulse of an elk who was old.
Pink pills for an owl with fuzz on his tongue;
Blue pills for a bat who was very high-strung.
Wonderful Doctor Goat!
He helped a beetle who had the croup.
He cured a chicken who couldn’t eat soup.
He gave a walrus a mustard plaster;
And saved a turtle from great disaster.
Hurrah for Doctor Goat!
Early one day in the month of May
The doctor got out of bed.
He felt his throat and then his head;
“I think I’m ill,” the doctor said.
“I must find a pill to fix my throat.”
Atchoo! Atchoo!
“Oh, what’ll I do? I gave my last pill to Grandmother Goat.”
Poor sick old Doctor Goat
Got into bed
With a cloth on his head,
And another around his throat.
For a whole long day
In the month of May
He slept, did Doctor Goat;
His bag on the floor
On the wall his coat.
While he slept his friends cam in;
They swept the floor neat as a pin;
They fixed the fire; they bought some food;
Then fondly brushed the shabby coat
Of tired old Doctor Goat.
And– the very next day
He was on his way.
Three cheers for Doctor Goat!

51 Responses to “Dr. Goat”

  1. froooggy Says:

    grok grok. I like ol’ doc goat! grok grok.

  2. regenaxe Says:

    Is that a new copy? I seem to remember the one from our childhood as being pretty tattered. Good old Dr. Goat!

  3. Jay Says:

    It is a “new” copy for us. I think the family copy had a yellow cover. We were talking about kids books with one of Carl’s families a few months ago, and I brought up Dr. Goat. Kevin was familiar with Georgiana, so we looked it up on E-Bay. A handful of copies, most running over $100. Kevin is an E-Bay surfer, and kept looking. This one was part of a group of 8 books. [I don’t know what the $ was] It is not in exceptional shape, but much better than the family copy.

  4. Heather MacMasater Says:

    I am ecstatic to find your web site. I have been looking for the verse to Dr. Goat for years. I am 59 years old now and my mother read me this book every night. I absolutely loved the book. My mom who is gone now memorized the whole book. I remember the first 8 or 12 verses but that was it. I would love to obtain a copy of this book. You have made my day.

  5. James Riley Says:

    This was one of my favorites as a little kid. It was read a lot and finally wore out. Thanks for posting as my mother and I were discussing it just the other day and I’m sending her the link.

  6. tom Streeter Says:

    My wifes grandma read her this book growing up. She didn’t inherit the book so when we had children we bought one at a craft show in Ok city. She did inherit one of the salt and pepper shakers of doctor goat. We cant find any info. on it can you help.

    • raincharm Says:

      Wow – merchandizing even then.
      No – sorry I have not seen anything other than the two different covers for the books.
      My parents still have our tattered original (yellow cover). The one we have now that is in better, but not perfect shape is blue. It was certainly one of my parents favorite books, and I actually learned a few terms from the book like, “mustard plaster”. Good luck with your hunt – maybe antiques roadshow.

  7. G.Becker Says:

    I was delighted to find the Doctor Goat poem. It was my children’s favorite poem. I had memorized it then….good to have it before me now. We may have a copy among our 52 years accumulated stuff. If not we endeavor to find an affordable copy for our grandson. In the meantime, the computer version will have to do.

  8. Nicole Says:

    THANK YOU so much for posting this! My mom has been looking for this book for years! Her sister (13 years her senior) used to read this book to her when she was a child, and she says it’s why she became a nurse nearly 40 years ago.

  9. Katherine Kolander Says:

    That is the FIRST book my father ever ead to me! My dad and I have been searching for years for a reasonably priced copy. My dad just sent me this a few minutes ago and I have chills! VERY COOL!

  10. Jennifer Lynn Weston Says:

    A heart-felt Thank You to you! I’ve not been able to acquire a copy of this fondly remembered tome (they’re bloody expensive!), so it was great to at least find the text. πŸ™‚

  11. hope101 Says:

    Yay! Another person who counts this as her first remembered book, ever. So wish I could get my hands on a real copy!

    • Jennifer Lynn Weston Says:

      > Another person who counts this as her first remembered book, ever. <

      It's certainly one of my first remembered books. 'The Cat In The Hat' was another- do you detect a pattern?

      My Dad would sometimes do a parody version of the story, where the animals didn't get along so well ("Get out of here, Dr. Goat!") Me and my siblings used to think that was hilariously funny.

      Yes, it would be very nice to find an affordable copy.

  12. TAM Says:

    Bless you for making this well loved story (poem) available for us read once more. Now 54, when I was in grade 1 I had 2 copies of this book. I memorized in no time. Over the years, some of the lines got fuzzy, though. My favorite lines were “he saved a turtle from disaster and gave a walrus a mustard plaster.” I asked older relatives about a mustard plaster. Now I am a nurse, and we dont do mutard plasters…we don’t even have a lot of “old goat doctrs!”…but I am a grandmother who loves rhyme, and now I can recite this to my little grandchildren. A perfect Thanskgivng day gift for me, after all these years!

  13. Cat Says:

    Oh my this is wonderful!!! I cried when I read this. My brothers and cousins and I all grew up reading Dr. Goat at my grandma’s house and then we read it to our kids too! It was a beloved piece of my childhood revisited. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  14. Bonnie Jensen Says:

    Thank you so much for making this story available!
    I read it to my son so often he memorized it and performed
    it for our family physician who just chuckled with glee!

    I have been searching for years for the book and see that
    it is available on Amazon for $150.00!

    Bless you!

  15. Grace Broomfield Says:

    Cherished memories are brought back to me today. Thank you.
    I have been watching for this book but have never found it.

  16. Jan L. Says:

    This was my favorite book as a child – I memorized it by the time I was 2! I do have an old, worn copy but was glad to find this on-line. I was trying to recite it at lunch today and couldn’t remember the order of the words. Thanks for the reminder!

  17. Cyndi H. Says:

    Great postings – I remember this fondly as a child. I am the oldest of three kids and by the time my little sister (7 1/2 years my junior) would sit for a story I could read it to her. I have our copy (in very poor shape) and now read it to my daycare children and my grandson! A great read!

    • raincharm Says:

      That is wonderful that you still have a copy that can be read.
      My parents copy is tattered, but they still have it.

  18. adie Says:

    Thank you for writing this out. My grandparents read this to me and my brother every night when we would stay with them. They are both in very bad health right now, and we cant’ find the copy they had. If anyone knows where you can get a copy at a decent price please email me and let me know….this is my greatest childhood memory.

  19. Marie Says:

    Wow! This book certainly holds memories for a lot of us! It was my favorite book when I was a child. I, too, had it memorized very early on and have been looking for a copy for quite some time. A friend of mine is having a baby soon so for her shower she asked to have favorite childhood books instead of cards. A neat idea, I think. Anyway, now she can read my favorite book to her little one and who knows it may become a favorite for yet another generation! Thanks so much for putting the words out there…I remembered some but not all the verses…it has been a looonnnng time since I saw it in print!!!

  20. DEBBIE Says:

    WONDERFUL!!! I was so delighted to read this–my mom had it memorized, as it was my most favorit book to have her read! I still have my tattered yellow copy of the book, but a couple of pages are missing–thanks for filling in the verse! It brings back such WONDERFUL memories!!

  21. Margaret Ann Hill Says:

    I thought there was a part about treating a giraffe with a sore throat. I am 8 years older than my brother and I read him this story many times. Am I remembering incorrectly or are there some verses missing?

    • raincharm Says:

      A giraffe with a sore throat made sense, so we pulled out the book to check.
      Dr. Goat had a sore throat, so I don’t think they would have used it twice (in case our book has lost a page).
      My husband also noted that all of the animals would be found in North America.
      Sounds like you were a good big sister. I only remember my parents reading the book (but my older sibling was only 2-1/2 years older).

  22. Shawn Says:

    I can’t believe that I found this site. I have been looking for years for our copy. My Mother read this to all 5 of us while we were young. My brothers and sister will be so happy for me to read this to them. You have made my day… I plan to share this with my 3 little grandsons. I only wish I could locate a copy for myself. Thanks so much

  23. grammie Says:

    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! Lines from this book run through my mind from time to time and I have wanted to have this book to read to my grandchildren, but knew it would not be affordable to me if I found one. Now I have the wonderful words from my childhood to read and share!! I’m so grateful.

  24. Evelyn age64 Says:

    Holy cow! My sister called me to her home tonight and presented me with a copy of dear DR GOAT, and I read it and immediately recalled each line after a near 60year absence. My 6 year old grandson enjoyed it tonight as well, and I am volunteering to read it to his kindergarten class. What a splendid book this is, and this old gal is delighted all over again. It should be republished, and we can all enjoy and share it with little ones.

  25. Annice Grinberg Says:

    “Doctor Goat” was our eldest son’s favorite book when he was just learning to talk. He referred to it as “Gago.” We must have read it to him hundreds of times! To this day, I can recite almost the whole book from memory.

    He’s now turning 50, and, just for the fun of it, we did a web search for the book, never expecting a hit. Lo and behold, in addition to the offer of a used copy for $150 (unbelievable!) we found your blog with all the text. We’ll print it and give it to him as part of his birthday gift. Thank you, thank you for posting this!

  26. Linda Heyes Says:

    How fantastic I found you tonight, Dr. Goat! Thank you raincharm for the words. I am 68 years old and have a sister 3 yrs. younger and a brother 6 yrs. younger. This was one of our favorite books and I am the one who read it over and over again to my sibs. We all have recited parts of it, but could never recall it all. I’ve just emailed them both the words and the website; I know they will be thrilled. It seems there are many others who loved this book. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the authors (or their families) knew how much joy they spread? You have my deepest gratitude, Raincharm.

  27. Norma Kinkade Says:

    My husband remembers this book from childhood. Would love to find a copy to surprise him with. I am hoping someone can help me out. Many thanks!

  28. hellesbelles86 Says:

    I’ve been looking for this book for years to at least find out how the story went. My stepmom accidentally threw the copy I grew up with in the burn pile and I’ve been heartbroken ever since. Thank you for sharing the verses- it really made me smile!

  29. suzanna murphy Says:

    Oh happy day… I have been looking for Dr. Goat for years and years. I am 67 and have many many treasured memories of my mother and grandmother reading that story to me. Thank you so much for giving me this gift!!!

  30. Mike Says:

    Awesome! Thanks for keeping the memory of Dr. Goat alive!

  31. Ann Says:

    This book should be reprinted. it is one of the cutest book for children ever written. My five children absolutely adored it, My daughter who is now in her 50s, especially loved it. Even at my age, after reading it so many times to the children I still remember the first few pages by memory but not the whole book. I’m so glad you put the words on the Internet. I will tell my children so they can go to your page and read it again. We have tried to find a copy, but so far it has been impossible.
    Sincesrely, 80 year old gramdmother

  32. Julie Says:

    This is a wonderful memory for me. I first read this book 50 years ago and have tried to recall the words many times. Thank you for posting it.

  33. Susan Quirt Says:

    Dr. Goat should be republished. With the changes that have occured in bookprinting, all a bookstore would need is an online copy in order to print copies on demand. I wonder if the owners of the copyright are willing to reissue this gem? I bet thousands of us are ready to buy Dr. Goat for ourselves and the children in our lives.

  34. Pam Karwan Says:

    Oh, Dr. Goat, how I have missed thee!

  35. Jean Ehrman Says:

    I am delighted to have found the Doctor Goat story. I had remembered the first and last lines, but nothing else in between. What a pleasure to become reacquainted with an old friend after over 60 years. Thank you.

  36. Ruth Dove Says:

    This was my brothers book, but all of us loved it, somehow it got lost in his many moves, he is 68 yrs now, but this past summer my sister found a copy on the internet, that you bid on, she actually got it, with a help of a friend, she gave it to him for his birthday, wrapped and a card that said from the doctor, he could’nt figured out why his doctor would be giving him a gift, he soon guessed what it was though, since all of still have good memories of it. He now has it in a clear plastic bag in a glassed in bookcase.

  37. Reg Hale stayner on. Says:

    I have been looking for this for many yrs at 56 yrs of age I remember my mother reading me that book. my Daughter will graduate from veterinary college next year and I would like a copy for her

    • raincharm Says:

      My dad still has our original copy – in tatters. I looked around on e-bay, and for a little kids book it is not inexpensive.

  38. Peter Bondante Says:

    Hi, Charles Clement was my uncle and my sister and I were very close to him. We just sold his old house in Tucson (out in the desert) after living in it for 30 years. He passed away in ’81. We have most of the original illustrations that were used for Dr. Goat plus several near perfect copies. Never knew it had a following outside of our family and friends. Glad to hear you all enjoyed it as much as we did. My online name is of course Dr. Goat. I have a blog on tumbr that I infrequently add to. Mostly pictures.

  39. Peter Harris Says:

    Delighted to find this online. I am now 72 years old. My mother read me the story of Dr. Goat over and over again when I was a little boy in the 1950’s. It was one of my favourites.

  40. Diane M. Says:

    Loved it! I am 71 and my pediatrician was Dr. Gholz, so we always thought of him when reading it. Always a favorite. Thank you for posting it.

  41. peter bondante Says:

    Hi, I’m Charles Clements’s nephew. Check this out for more info.
    http://www.vintagechildrensbooksmykidloves.com/2009/11/dr-goat.html and
    so glad you all enjoyed Dr. Goat. I grew up with it and still have a lot of the original artwork.

    • raincharm Says:

      Thanks for the link to more information. One of our favorites growing up – and it shows in the pages tattered edges

  42. Lori Ann Williams-Premozich Says:

    This was my absolute favorite book as a child. I am 60 years old and finally found a copy of it. My dad could recite the entire poem from memory. He would tilt his head back and shut his eyes and would start with Dr. Goat put on his coat and went to make some calls.

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