Been Awhile

But nothing much has changed.There is graduation. At the UW and local high schools. And lots of other schools, but these are the ones we see most frequently. We do live close to the UW, and I think this past weekend was their main “event.” We saw several gatherings with robes at houses around the neighborhood on our walk. A few to probably 15 folks together, largely unmasked. At least one location had some on-line talking head on their porch.One of Carl’s former kids is graduating from high school too. My how time flies!We continue our daily walks, although there was one day last week I don’t think I left the house. We wear our masks and notice when others do as well. Our immediate neighborhood does not have an especially high percentage of mask usage. But when we walked through the UW business area the percentage jumped to over 50 percent. It was surprising. We were wondering if the general higher density of people was the reason. Or a higher percentage using mass transit, where it is required. I haven’t been on a bus or light rail since early February.And so it continues. Yes, the hair continues to grow. Lunches are always fun.And so are grandkids.
Okay the last picture refuses to post, grrrr.

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